Quilt Repaired and Finished ~ Red/White/Blue

This was the week for quilt repair!  

Here’s a quilt top that was in a box for many years.  My customer needed it repaired, quilted and bound within one week for a gift.  

The quilt top was constructed by hand and the blocks were different sizes…perhaps it was made over the course of time or by a few different people.  When laid out on the counter top, the puckers and gathers were evident and the quilt was not square….but it worked out well!  I appreciate the work and days the quilt top maker put into the quilt top.  The finished quilt has charm and character!

RWB ruffle

RWB edge ruler

Don’t let that unfinished quilt top sit in a box any longer!  Don’t assume it’s not fixable/quiltable!  CONTACT ME NOW to discuss getting your quilt top FINISHED so you can use it and enjoy it!   I can meet you locally or handle the entire process by email, phone and USPS/UPS/FED EX.

RWB front

RWB front closeup

RWB back