“How much does longarm quilting cost?”
“It all depends on how you want it quilted and what other steps you want to completed”.  There are MANY, MANY, MANY combinations of quilting that can be quilted on tops.  

Simple meandering, dense patterns, one pattern in the center with a border quilted differently, blocks quilted one way and borders another … and then there’s sashings! SO MANY OPTIONS!

Here’s a general starting point for longarm quilting.

BASTING FOR HAND QUILTING – basting starts at .006 (not .06) per square inch.   A specific ‘Basting Stitch’ will be used for easy removal of stitches after hand quilting is done.  Hand quilters and those who chose to quilt on their domestic sewing machines love it!

OVERALL QUILTING – A pattern quilted edge to edge begins at .018 per square inch.***  Quilting moves across quilt without regard to the pieced blocks.  A popular option for quilts that will be ‘loved’ or for quilt tops you ‘just want to get DONE’!

LIGHT CUSTOM – a single quilting pattern in blocks and a separate pattern in borders.  Price for this depends on number of blocks and patterns chosen.  Pricing starts at .04 psi.  Please CONTACT ME so we can begin discussing your project!  

BINDING SERVICES – Chose any or all of the following steps: make the binding, attach the binding, finish the binding by machine.  

***Prices are subject to change from quilt to quilt if a quilt needs special attention due to improper piecing, fabric, or batting choice.  To start a discussion on pricing, please CONTACT ME.  


How do you get your items to NAP QUILTING?  Very easily!

After ironing out some details by phone and email, and you’re within driving distance in Northwest Indiana or the Chicagoland area, a meet-up can take place at a public location at our mutual convenience.

If you are not within easy driving distance, the quilt(s) can safely and easily be shipped by USPS Priority Mail.  Packages are insured and tracked.

Return shipping costs approximately $10-20 through U.S.P.S. Priority Shipping, insured and with signature confirmation upon delivery.


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