T-shirt and Jersey Quilt

2013-12-15 22.12.33 cropHere are photos of a t-shirt quilt that includes baseball and soccer jerseys quilt I custom made, quilted and finished for a customer from a neighboring state.  We communicated by email and phone and met at a library halfway between our homes.  Very safe and easy for both of us!

2013-12-15 22.12.50 (640x383)crop

I could not take pictures of the entire quilt because it measured over 100 inches square….that’s a KING SIZE quilt!

Each block was quilted with a freehand meander pattern in a thread that blended into the background of the block.  Sometimes the stitching went over the graphics, sometimes it didn’t.  Button down baseball jerseys and thick patches were easily  included in the quilt.

The inner border is grey and the outer border is black…both 100% cotton.  Each border was custom quilted with an individual pattern.  This quilt is now ready for daily use and will last a long, long time.

Check out this T-Shirt Quilt  that was also custom made!

CONTACT ME to have your shirts turned into a custom designed, professionally made quilt that will last a long, long time!   Gather up those shirts from totes and basements and get a beautiful quilt custom made soon.

Thank you!