Here are two custom made wedding signature quilts for a special couple.  Guests at their wedding were asked to sign well wishes on squares of prepared fabric.  The squares were trimmed to size and made up the Road to California quilt blocks.  

Both quilts contain the same multi-color fabric.  The beautiful bride’s quilt was made with turquoise fabrics…her favorite color.  The handsome groom’s quilt contained colonial grey blue.  By placing the fabrics in different locations, different secondary patterns emerge.

2013-06-07 18.37.55

2013-06-23 15.39.33

The backs of the quilts were pieced using a Road to California block. Her quilt contained his message to her and his quilt contained her message to him.  Her quilt above and below…turquoise squares with dark stars.

2013-06-23 15.39.55

The centers of the quilts were quilted with the same overall pattern allowing all the signatures to show through.

2013-06-23 15.41.16

His quilt above and below – colonial blue grey stars with dark squares with circles in the borders. Her quilt has feathers in the borders (sorry no pictures).

2013-06-23 15.41.27

Here’s a picture of the quilt when it was on my machine and the sun was shining in the window!

2013-06-16 18.03.59

CONTACT ME if you need a signature quilt made start to finish for an extra special occasion!  A wedding signature quilt, a retirement signature quilt, a milestone birthday signature quilt…whatever you need!