T Shirt and Memory Quilts

Do you have a number of t-shirts around that you don’t know what to do with?
You came to the right place!  Let me make a t-shirt quilt for you!  

T-shirt quilts made from high school or college t-shirts are

Mom and Dad might have some t-shirts they’re not wearing.
You could even include the kids or grand-kids t-shirts too!
It will bring back happy memories!

Is it hard to get rid of those adorable baby clothes?
Do you have pictures of a child in certain clothes that you love?

Turn them into a baby/child memory quilt to enjoy on a daily basis!  

2013-09-08 10.38.59

I have over 5000 computerized quilting designs
on my longarm computer system to chose from
and there are a countless number of patterns
available online from talented designers.

2013-09-08 10.41.36

2013-09-08 10.40.47

If someone you love has passed away,
memory quilts can be made from their clothing and given to members of the family.

All types of fabrics can be used in t-shirt or memory quilts.  
Mementos can also be attached to the quilt after quilting is finished.

You provide the clean clothes – I’ll return a fantastic quilt ready to be given as a gift.

to discuss having a T-shirt quilt made for the special occasion or someone special. 

to discuss the making of a memory quilt.

You’ll be happy you did!